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Services are tailored to suit an individual client's requirements and are broken down into stages, undertaken sequentially to limit a client's fee exposure.  I will normally offer a range of services at each stage, allowing potential clients to select services which best suit their fee budget and expectations.

My services can start at any stage and I'll often provide building regulations drawings or project management services for projects where a client already has outline proposals or detailed drawings. 



I offer a free initial consultation.  Depending on the size and location of the project this may involve a site visit, a meeting with potential clients at my office, or a detailed telephone consultation. I use this consultation to get a better understanding of your requirements and to offer some initial advice on the project constraints that might be imposed by site features or regulatory issues. I do not normally produce sketch proposals during this consultation.

Following this consultation I will prepare a fee proposal which will normally be broken down into the following stages.


This will normally involve the preparation of outline proposals, investigations into existing drainage and mains service provisions and often a preliminary enquiry to your local planning department to gauge their likely response to a formal planning application. 


I will take a measured survey of your property and prepare drawings of the existing building, discuss your requirements in more detail and develop a brief to inform the design of the proposed works.  I will prepare initial design proposals and work with you to develop these proposals to your satisfaction.  This may involve issuing drawings by e-mail and discussions by telephone, or may involve meetings on site or at my office.  Once the proposals are complete I will prepare and submit the necessary application to the planning department of your local council.

Architecture Model Sketching

Some smaller extensions and works can be built without a requirement for planning permission under permitted development rights.  In these circumstances we will make a formal application to the council for confirmation of this. 



At this stage I will develop drawings to illustrate compliance with the building regulations.  This will normally involve providing additional detail to plans and elevations and cutting sections through the building to illustrate the construction of walls, floor, roofs and the like.  I will annotate drawings and provide a set of detailed notes describing construction methods and setting performance standards. I will submit an application for building regulations approval.

For smaller projects building regulations drawings can be used for construction purposes. For larger or more complex projects supplementary construction drawings may be required.  These may include large scale drawings of junctions, joinery details, schedules for components such as windows, doors or sanitaryware, or layouts for services such as electrical fittings or heating systems.


Its important to that the quotation you get from your builder accurately reflects your requirements for your build and that it is presented in a way that makes it easy to compare with quotations from their competitors.  I offer a variety of services for clients who require assistance obtaining tenders, ranging from a meeting to advise on the tender process, how to vet contractors and the requirements for insurances, through to comprehensive tender exercise which will include preparing a detailed written tender document, inviting tenders and preparing a report on tenders received to allow the client to select their builder.


For clients who require a project management service I will prepare a contract for the works and  liaise with their builder on a day to day basis, undertaking regular site visits to check the progress and quality of the work undertaken.  I will advise on payments to contractors and make any adjustments necessary to reflect changes that might be instructed during the course of the works.  I will ensure that any additional costs are legitimate and fairly priced, and I will update the client regularly with the cost to complete the project.


Effective, proactive project management ensures that your project runs on time, on budget, on spec. and minimises the time that you have to commit to the process.  

Project management is sometimes thought of as an unnecessary luxury, but with 90% of unmanaged building projects exceeding their budget by 20% it is a wise investment.


If you are looking for an energy efficient new build home of looking to retrofit your existing home to reduce energy demand I am able to offer design services or act as a consultant supporting your architect or designer in connection with theses specialist areas.  

This service will normally start with a discussion on energy targets and lead through to detailed design or advice on issues such as orientation and positioning of the house, the form of the house and it's impact on energy performance, ventilation, construction details and assistance in gaining Passivhaus, Enerphit  or similar certification.


Buying a home is the most expensive purchase most of us will make.  I offer a range of RICS homebuyer surveys and reports, which will identify any visible defects in the property, providing a client with peace of mind to proceed with a purchase or the basis to negotiate a reduction in purchase price where necessary.

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